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Every organizationbegins with people

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HR does not begin when you have 20 employees. As soon as the organization is established, it begins.

To understand the rules and the structure on how you'll work as an entity, madeBOS' team of professionals design your organization's HR Work Plan for you to focus on the fundamental value of your organization: your people.

Affordable and Accessible HR

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HR is a fundamental aspect of the work you do as an organization. Get started where you can in our adaptable HR Work Plan.

With our HR assessment, find out how you can build or enhance the culture of your organization and establish an infrastructure to help each team member succeed.

Find out where you stand today.

Empowering employers to take action

Partnering with leaders who understand the daily challenges of building an organization is a key component of what we do. Whether for-profit, non-profit, or government, these organizations are determined to invest in HR and their people.

As a founder and CEO, I have to find a way to allocate time for my products and then hire talented people. Since using madeBOS' Professional service option and working with them to identify what we want our compensation philosophy to look like, meetings with my team have been great and everyone is more aligned.

Damola Ogundipe

Civic Eagle - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Organizational growth that benefits everyone

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We are proud of the work we do and we value the organizations that have implemented our HR Work Plan and achieved what seemed unattainable for them:

  • A reliable, present, relatable HR partner

  • A plan for hiring, managing, and developing people

  • An effective total reward plan that motivates every team member

Investing in HR is not optional, it is essential. If you want to learn about how madeBOS can help you develop your HR Work Plan, share your contact information with us.