madeBOS makes professional growth possible for everyone. Our AI career path software empowers your employees to develop their skills for their current job and future promotion opportunities. Our platform is a community where employees feel inspired to learn, stay and grow.


How it Works



Realistic growth


More effective workforce
Strategic paths for target positions
Equipped managers

Employers unlock human potential through transparency, accountability and talent reinforcement.



The mobile app connects employees to opportunities on a massive scale. Our AI driven formula learns from company data and employee growth. It creates customized, actionable recommendations for every employee.

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Awareness of competency alignment

app madeBos

Curated careers tailored for strengths and potential

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Personalized path to best fit career

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Immediate jobs in line with real opportunities


Our software empowers you to unlock the potential of overlooked talent and gives you better data increasing engagement, performance and diversity and inclusion numbers.

madeBose Software
  • Workforce Capacity and Productivity
  • Accurate Talent Pool Development
  • Rate of Talent Adaptation to meet Current and Future of Work Demands
  • Learning and Development Component to Performance

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